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National Relief Fund Initiative

Offering relief when unexpected health emergencies arise.

We are a not-for-profit organization that provides direct financial support to cover the cost of emergency medical care. 

Our Purpose

This organization exists to address the disparities between healthcare and its associated cost to everyday Americans.


We aim to close the economic gap between working class individuals, and access to essential medical services.

Our Mission

National RFI’s mission is to combat the rising financial instability of individuals by meeting the direct and acute needs during times of unanticipated health crisis.


In a world where most people are living check to check - we believe there shouldn’t be a consequential price tag for getting sick.

Approximately 30 million people in the United States are uninsured and at risk of financial ruin if they become ill or injured. Worse, this means 9 million children lack proper healthcare coverage.

The Reality We Face

In the United States, 44% of Americans report struggling to make ends meet, often resorting to multiple jobs or overtime work. Despite community and government efforts, resources are lacking and policies constantly change, leaving 300 million people forgotten and in a constant struggle to survive.

Rising healthcare costs over the past 50 years with the associated increased out-of-pocket expenses have become a detrimental burden to patients. Medicaid eligibility varies across states and fails to cover specialty medical treatments. Additionally, the aging population poses a challenge as the number of people over 65 will surpass those under 5 by 2030, placing a financial strain on family caregivers. Urgent action is needed to address these issues and provide support for those in need.

But this isn’t just about the people who need healthcare, - but also the ones providing it.

Emergency department overcrowding and prolonged wait times are now a public health crisis, negatively
impacting the health and safety of both patient and provider. For patients, ED crowding is correlated with discomfort, reduced privacy, treatment delays, and higher risk of prolonged disease and death. EMS could be waiting 2-4 hours in ambulance bays to drop off patients and patients are staying as long as 9-12 hours in ER waiting rooms prior to being seen.

Although there may not be an “end-all, be-all” solution; what’s been done in the past isn’t exactly working either.


It’s time to take a different approach.

Roughly 70% of middle-class adults state they wouldn’t be able to afford a $500 unexpected medical bill; making unanticipated medical bills one of the top universal concerns amongst our nation

Patient Info

Who We Fight For

From the retired couple next door to your local fireman.

Life constantly throws curveballs, we want to be your safety net. The unpredictability of urgent matters that can strike both us and our loved ones at any moment should not be allowed to derail us.

We are committed to being there for you and the people you care about most.

To the forgotten millions - we see you, and we‘re here to help. 

One third of middle class population report that either - they, or a family member, have skipped or delayed recommended medical treatment due to cost. Total premiums for family coverage increased by 43%, and the worker’s share increased by 41%, outpacing wage growth. 

Get to Know Us

Set up a meeting with our founder to learn more about how you can help support the cause. 

Tell Us 

When launching any new organization collecting the data to support the cause is essential.


Are you -


  • An individual that could significantly benefit from this program? 

  • A hospital employee that could use this program to optimize workflow?

  • A first responder or ER clinician that has been affected by these issues? 

  • Someone whose life is negatively impacted due to medical debt, or increased healthcare costs?


Feel free to provide any other feedback or comments about how we can help. 

We want to hear from you.  

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